BitCom is a very easy to use communications software package that will provide you with many features not found in other communications software.

Some of the major features of BitCom are:
Easy to install and set up.
Unattended operations.
Support for 4 serial ports.
132 column by 44 or 25 row support.
Supports various file transfer methods.
Re-assignable function keys.
Run any DOS program without disconnection.
Auto-dial, auto answer, and auto-logon.
Programmable terminal emulation.
Create your own communications procedures.
Supports MNP modems.
Auto speed change.

What Do You Use BitCom For?
Some common uses for BitCom are:

Electronic bulletin board services.
There are many electronic bulletin board services available. You can dial in to exchange messages or receive information related to various topics.

Phone numbers can be obtained from many computer publications and user groups. There is no access fee charged for using most of these services except for your telephone charges.

Electronic Banking
Some banks, such as Bank of America, provide a personal banking service which allows you to dial in to the bank's computer to get information about your accounts, or transfer funds. Contact your bank to see if this service is available to you.

On-line services such as Compuserve, Dow Jones, and BIX.
There are many on-line services such as those mentioned above, as well as more specialized services available to obtain news, stock quotes, airline tickets, and a wide variety of other information.

Personal dialing directory.
You can use BitCom as a telephone dialer to store your commonly called telephone numbers. With a modem that will support auto-dialing (such as a Hayes or compatible modem) you can dial any number on your line for voice conversation, as well as data transfer. BitCom can store up to 32,767 telephone numbers, each number up to 40 digits long. You are only limited by disk space.

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