This is where you begin your recycling.

This scheme is designed for schools, so the first thing you must do is speak to the teacher at your school who is the designated recycling officer. If your school does not have one, you should ask your school Principal (headmaster, or head teacher) to appoint one. You can tell him or her that the government (Minister of Education) will double his of her salary (up to four times the minimum wage for your country for doing this work.

 The next thing you must do is start collecting aluminium cans. The goal is for every class at your school to be collecting, with a prize every week for the class (or room) which collects the most.The list of prizes is on the next page.

Your recycling officer will assist with storage of your collected cans, and also arrange to periodically take them in to the metal recycler to be exchanged for cash. The money will then be deposited in a bank account, and will go to your school for school funds.




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