* Sending or receiving Telex messages
You can call up Western Union's EasyLink service to send or receive telex messages. Because BitCom allows you to run DOS programs while you are connected, you can easily prepare you message using your word processor and then send it through EasyLink.

* Transferring files or data with another computer
You can transfer data or files with other computers.BitCom's data capture feature lets you capture any display onto a disk file.

* Terminal emulator.
Using BitCom you can connect to a large computer such as a DEC or IBM mainframe running applications such as accounting software that require the use of a terminal such as the DEC VT-100.

System Requirements
The necessary system requirements for using BitCom are:
* IBM PC,XT,AT, or PS/2 (all models) or compatible.
* DOS (Disk Operating System) Version 3 or later.
* One 360K diskette drive, or a fixed disk drive.
* An 80 or 132 column monochrome or color (EGA or VGA) display
* An internal modem card, or an Asynchronous Communications card
   (serial port) connected to either an external modem, or another computer.
* 512K RAM (available user memory).

About This Manual
This manual contains all necessary information to run the BitCom program. Your moden manufacturer has supplied this program and manual with your modem at no charge to you.

There is a file on your program diskette called README.DOC  This file contains additional documentation, instructions, etc., that have been changed since teh writing of this manual. It should be read before continuing any further.
There is a batch file on teh program diskette that is used to read teh file. From the DOS prompt, type:
      README      <
To stop the scrolling, press <Ctrl> <S>. Press any key to start the scrolling again. You print the README file by typing the following command at the DOS prompt:

Documentation Files
On your program diskette, there is a file called MANUAL.DOC. this file contains information necessary to print additional documentation which is contained in the file MANUAL.ARC.

The file MANUAL.DOC should be printed the same way that you would print the README file, as shown above.



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