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What is BitCom?
When MS-DOS (the original Operating system for the Personal Computer) was released, computers could only share files by using floppy disks or cables to connect them directly. A telephone  modem was a hardware device which let the computers
 mo be connected via the telephone network. The original modems converted the information into sound to send down the telephone line, then a more sophisticated modem was developed which sent files directly as "bits".
BitCom or BitWare is the name of the software used for "IBM Personal Computers and Compatibles". It was provided "free" by the modem manufacturers, with the modem.  

The BitCom Manual is self explanatory,
and contains much useful information still. It is copyright to Baker Publishing, and some of it is reproduced here. Copies are available free for the price of the postage and packaging. The BitCom License Agreement is still the basis of the Timing System License Agreement.


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